Club Membership Reminder

We do unfortunately need to post a reminder regarding membership fees. We have had a few incidents recently which makes it necessary for us to ensure we are transparent regarding membership policy.

We realise everyone has other commitments and sometimes it may be easy to forget your membership fee.

If you have not paid your membership fee, please do not enter a race as a Ballymena Runner.

This has implications on every sort of result. Winning any prize with a non-member claiming membership is an embarrassing situation for the club. A team prize of course would have implications for your team mates and other clubs.

We will actively try and contact non members to clarify this position. Each person running with us without paying their membership is being subsidised by the paying members.

We always have a policy of giving new members a few weeks grace in deciding on membership, they should be the only non-members running with us now. Membership for 2019-20 has been payable from mid-February and elapsed for those 2018-19 members who didn’t renew on April 1st.