Wanted: Cake, Tea ...

Alastair's bringing the hot water and Judith has sorted plates, cups etc, but we could really use some food to enjoy after next Monday's Club Handicap.  If you can bring something please complete the form below. 

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I can bring.

The race will start at 7 pm starting with the slowest time through to the fastest time.  Each runner will then set off on their allocated time, depending on what time they have submitted.

Please be at the start area at 6:50 p.m. for a short briefing. If you are all very accurate in the predicted times you will all finish together!

The course will be the Ecos Parkrun running the same direction as the Saturday run. There will be light refreshments supplied after the event and trophies presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the line.There will be facilities available at the Park Run Hut/Cabin and a Gazebo for kit.

Please come and support if you are not running this year and please everyone dig deep and bring a few spare pennies with you for this wonderful charity.


  • Jog/cycle the course 5.30pm First Aid Cover Paddy Millar
  • Set up 6pm - Coaching Committee plus Judith Irwin and the Charity Representatives
  • Final Registration is open at 6.30pm to 6.50pm - John McGerty
  • 6.50pm First athletes departs around the 5km route- John McGerty
  • 7.15pm onwards light refreshments after
  • 7.30pm Prize giving and talk from the charity
  • Pack up by 8pm - Coaching Committee plus Judith Irwin and the Charity Representatives