Wednesday Training

Speed work for endurance runners.

Format: Intervals and repetitions either at Ecos park or Antrim Forum Track. We warm up together and then runners are usually split into one of two groups so each person can train at a rate suitable for their current speed. Leaders use a whistle to signal the start and finish of each effort. Between efforts you are encouraged to jog slowly. Everyone is free to adjust the session e.g. increasing the recovery time by 'sitting-out' an effort.  

Time: 6:30pm at Ecos; 6:00pm at Antrim Forum Track. Please consult the "Rota for Leaders" (left navigation) for current locations and times. (On the rota, Wednesday's information is supplied after Monday's.)

Location: Ecos Park, Ballymena BT43 7QA or Antrim Forum Track BT41 4DQ. In the latter case, please note that we meet on the track, not in the leisure centre.