Development Notes

Specification - Live version


  • Communicate with members.
  • Increase community awareness of what we do - training, charity, races.
  • Showcase achievements e.g. for council funding.
  • Provide prospective members with our ethos & what we can offer.
  • Publish key contact details.


Welcoming with intuitive navigation. Generates a sense of belonging & personal achievement. Club colours.


  • Home: Welcome message; latest News; feed in from Facebook & Twitter. Calendar or upcoming events? Quick link to current training - button?
  • Members: policy documents; membership application form; membership payment.
  • Training: coach led sessions; training advice; inspiration - videos, stories etc.
  • Community: Cosy Sofa; charity funding raising; links to supporters (e.g. those who advertised in the club handbook).
  • News - a key area. Most content will come from a central News feed that is then filtered by categories. See Features below.
  • About Us: Key contacts; club records. Should "Contact Us" be part of the top level navigation? 
  • Gallery - where does this belong? Top level navigation? Part of News? 


  • Up-to-date club news
    • News delivered automatically to website, Facebook & Twitter.
    • Weekly newsletter created from News feed and delivered via email to subscribers. This would be automated. 
    • Multiple contributors may be set up for News authoring & release. We’d share the workload.
    • News items categorised e.g. “charity”, “training” to enable easy searches by topic and to generate vibrant topic-specific pages.
    • Latest News posts displayed on Home page.
    • Featured News posts held prominently e.g. key announcements such as an upcoming hosted race or a call for helpers.
    • News items (& other content) can contain video, podcasts, photos, links, buttons etc. These are easily edited - limited faffing to make the item look attractive.
  • Calendar of events that may be downloaded to a personal e calendar.
  • High quality images.
  • Display of social media content (e.g. Facebook & Twitter) from associated accounts.
  • Payments (e.g. membership) can be made via Paypal.
  • Reader email addresses, names etc can be collected by simple insertion of forms. The collected information may be automatically emailed to an administrator and/or delivered to a list (Google spreadsheet or Mailchimp).
  • Responsive - looks great across different devices, whether mobile or desktop.
  • Site management
    • User friendly - no coding or tech expertise required.
    • Efficient - the interface is not bloated with options you won’t use.
    • Automatic software updates.
    • Software is secure and reliable.
    • Theme (appearance) of the site may be changed without having to rebuild the site.

Bottom line - a beautiful, efficient-to-manage site which doesn’t need frequent, expensive, time consuming developer intervention. In-house volunteers can concentrate on content authorship rather than site maintenance.


Draft Specification - Lorna's proposal 1.


  1. Lorna will provide guidance notes (documentation) for future users. Such notes will include basic IP & copyright advice. Notes will direct readers to other third party resources eg advice as in this way the notes will remain up-to-date and not cause confusion when systems change.
  2. Lorna requests that someone other than she be BRAC web administrator. This is to ensure there is always a second opinion with regard to site structure & ease-of-use. Marie Allen had volunteered. Check to verify.
  3. Identify key future contributors & the areas for which they will have responsibility.
  4. A gallery has been added to the specification. Think how this should appear in navigation.
  5. Welcome message - perhaps Stephen or Robin could provide. The first sentence or so would appear as a "hook" on the home page with a "read more" option. 
  6. Check with Susanna re (a) how handbook materials might be displayed (pdf of sections or adapted for website?) & (b) what local supporters we need to advertise/mention.
  7. "Upcoming Races" displayed on home page. Should this be events, rather than races? 
  8. Calendar of committee meetings? Minutes from these.


Homepage "Headline" is a "Summary" block containing the latest "Featured" post from "News". It is currently set to display only the last Featured item, but can be altered to include more if necessary. However, don't let this area of the page get cluttered or out-of-date. 

Created new gmail account for Google Docs access - . Freddie Mercury .


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