Cosy Sofa

The Broughshane Cosy Sofa is now fully subscribed sorry!


This ‘Cosy Sofa’ programme is well established – and it works!

We will be starting a new Cosy Sofa Programme at Broughshane Community Centre on

Tuesday 30th May (and the following 9 Tuesday evenings

Time: 6.30pm

Cost: £10

We know that getting out the door will be the hardest step in the nine week course. We also know that all the club members who help with this are there to make you feel good, you will be encouraged and supported throughout the entire program. 

Take a look at our beginners schedule here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

For more information about our Cosy Sofa programme, or the work that the club are doing in partnership with local communities in Ballymena, contact us via

About Us

Ballymena Runners AC is a friendly, local, running club based at the Seven Towers Leisure Centre in Ballymena. We cater for all abilities and firmly believe in our ethos that 'running is for everyone'. The success and continuing expansion of the club is all due to how we support each other. We support both the hares and the tortoises. It's all about getting you to enjoy your run  But where do you start?

A key project for the club is helping people who don’t run to start running – starting from the cosy sofa - to being able to run a park run of 5k (about 3 miles).

As well as our hugely popular ‘Cosy Sofa’ programme from the Leisure Centre we have delivered a number of community based programmes – running in the community for the community. Last year we delivered a very successful programme in Ballykeel. This year we ran the programme in Doury Road and Ballee areas.

All of the community based programmes are designed to introduce people to running, to get them interested in the ‘parkrun’ concept and to consider joining us in Ballymena Runners!

Ballymena Runners fully support the local ‘parkrun’ held every Saturday morning at the Ecos centre.