Coaching Plan

In 2016 Ballymena Runners reviewed its structure and set up a new Coaching Team. The Coaching Team prepared a Coaching Plan to help ensure that the needs of all members from the newest to the most experienced are supported. With a club of over 300 members we cannot give individual training plans to every member. Our approach is to provide as much information and advice as possible through  

  • Regular Monday/Wednesday Training
  • Event Training e.g. Mountain Running
  • Cosy Sofa (Beginner Programme)
  • Training Webpages
  • The Club Handbook

  • Talks
  • Experienced Members as Mentors
  • Come and Try It Sessions e.g. Track
  • Advice on Staying Safe & Reducing Injury Risk
  • Training & Supporting Leaders and Coaches

The Coaching Plan 2016 – 2018

This sets out our overall Aim and 7 Outcomes. It also lists the Actions that we are taking to achieve these Outcomes. We will publish a report in August on progress in the first six months of the Coaching Plan. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Coaching Plan talk to anyone on the Coaching Team or drop an e-mail to

Outcomes by which we measure our success:

  1. Improve individual success in achieving goals.
  2. Promote participation in running events.
  3. Increase team success in competition.
  4. Promote safety and reduce injury rate.
  5. Have sufficient coaches and leaders to support the club.
  6. Support club leaders and coaches.
  7. Support people in the local community to start running.

Ballymena Runners will be a club which encourages everyone in the local community to enjoy sport through running and in which every member is supported to enjoy running, work towards their personal goals and to do so safely.